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Guido van der Wolk, poet-in-residence at the University of Groningen for the 2002-2003 season, was born on a summer's afternoon at 16:21 precisely on 27th May 1980 in Bilthoven, where he was to live for 18 years. After this he moved to the city of Utrecht and then on to Groningen.

At the Montessori school in Bilthoven, at the age of eleven, he was encouraged to study the very fundaments of poetry by travelling poet and actress Carla Dura. Four of his poems appeared in the anthology Pimpelpaarse pissebed – Gedichten van kinderen (Pill bug in deep purple – Poems by children). During his days at the Utrecht City Grammar School his interest in poetry didn't go much further than translating Greek and Latin verse. As a student of both astronomy and philosophy he first concentrated on writing short stories, but soon discovered himself to be quite adept at writing poetry. He is inspired by the Fifties generation of Dutch poets: Lucebert, Kouwenaar, Andreus, Hanlo. Space and light are recurring themes in his work.

His poems have been published in Algemeen Dagblad, Rottend Staal Online, Groninger Gezinsbode and in the Groningen University student paper UK. He also went live on national Dutch radio. Van der Wolk was the fourth poet-in-residence at the University of Groningen. His predecessors were Daniël Dee & Petra Else Jekel (2000/2001) and Gertjan Laan (2001/2002). He was succeeded in 2003 by Annelieke van Mens.

Knowing what he studied, the Epibreren team taking part in the Dutch national IQ test - televised lived by BNN on 14th January 2004 – has invested its faith in his intellect.

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Poetry volume

Klinkende klanken, RuG, Groningen, 2003

In the anthologies

Pimpelpaarse Pissebed - Gedichten van kinderen, Verzameld en ingeleid door Carla Dura, De Beuk, Amsterdam, 1991
Verhalen Schrijflaboratorium, uitgave van cultureel studentencentrum USVA, Groningen, 2000
Het Schrijflaboratorium II - verhalen en gedichten, uitgave van cultureel studentencentrum USVA, Groningen 2001

Guido van der Wolk:

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