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Petra Else Jekel, writer-in-residence of the University of Groningen 2000/2001, was born on that merry 5th May 1980 in Arnhem, the day us cloggies call Liberation Day. At the sweet age of sixteen she won second prize in the category language of the Kunstbende (Art Troupe) and one year later she gained first prize in the same category, this time in Doe Maar Dicht Maar (Go Ahead and Write Poetry, a youth poetry competition). She studies history of art and works as a freelance website designer, photographer and journalist in Groningen.

Besides publishing in many magazines she has published vanity volumes De uitverkorene (The Chosen One; 1996), Startschot (Starting Shot; with Tsead Bruinja, Daniël Dee and Ramona Maramis, 1999) and Een tas vol geheimen (A Bag Full of Secrets; 1999).

Some of her poems made it into the anthology Vanuit de lucht (Out of the Air; Passage, 2001)

She regularly performs her work on stage, most recently at the literary festival De Wintertuin in Nijmegen.

She has her own site at:

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Petra Else Jekel:

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