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  Diatribe or devotions, 2004  


Simon Vinkenoog was born on that sunny 18th July 1928 in Amsterdam and has been publishing poetry, prose, essays and reviews for well over 50 years. In 1951 he was the editor of renowned anthology Atonaal (Atonal; The Hague: A.A.M. Stols), which launched the 'Fifties Movement' (Beweging van Vijftig).

Simon Vinkenoog
© Henk Veenstra, 2000
In 1966 he was the driving force behind Poetry in Carré (Poëzie in Carré, an Amsterdam theatre), attended by some 2000 people and, remarkably, organized within a month's time.

His poetry has made it into scores of volumes, hundreds of anthologies and thousands of magazines. Since 1998 he has had a new publisher for his poetry, Passage in Groningen. It launched Vreugdevuur (Bonfire; poems and drawings) in 1998 and on 10th September 2000 De ware Adam, gedichten rond de eeuwwisseling (The True Adam, poems on the eve of a new century), edited by Coen de Jonge. In January 2004 Vinkenoog published Goede raad is vuur ( Burning with good advice ), in which he communicates his passion for poetry.

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Diatribe or devotions,
love poems or protest songs:

as long as they're shared,
sprout wings and then set free.

Once feeling grave changes into
                                                being brave,
then all you gave
                                         becomes a living wave:

'Everything that moves
will keep moving

on top and or below
there's nowhere else to go

nothing takes root
and it's all disappearing

your life fireworks
or not'

Simon Vinkenoog, 2004
translation: Willem Groenewegen, 2004


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