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Despite being born in Tilburg that wind-swept night of 30th October 1942, he lives in eastern Groningen town of Oudeschans and has published three volumes of poetry to date: De bestijging van Popoque (The Ascent of Popoque; Bzztoh, 1987), Een wonder van Morpheus (Morpheus's Miracle; Bzztoh, 1989) and Zielsvrienden (Soul mates; Arbeiderspers, 1991). His prose titles: book of short stories Twee vreemden in een bootje (Two Strangers In A Boat; Veen, 1995) and the novels Eilandvrees (Island Anxiety; Contact, 1998) en Op de leegte (To Emptiness; Contact, 1999). Niematz went to art school and studied English as well. He worked as an English teacher for 13 months and chauffeured worn-out cars across the Sahara desert to sell them in the Sahel. He made his debut in 1981 in literary magazine 'De Tweede Ronde'; his prose first appeared in 'De Revisor', circa 1990. In May 2000 the Groningen County Council awarded him the Belcampo stipend. This entailed a writing commission, which resulted in the novella De Kromzichter Fokveedagen (Philip Elchers Publ.) Here are some snapshots of the cover.

In the summer of 2000 he acted in Jan Klug's internet movie Land in zicht (Land Ahoy). Click on the actors for sound impressions!

Then early on in 2001 he spent time in Borneo to research his new book. Autumn 2001 he was nominated for the now defunct, but nevertheless prestigious, Rottend Staal Culture Award.

In March 2003 his new novel appeared, entitled Tweemaal Flip & een borsalino (Flip Twice and A Borsalino; Veen Publ.).

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Max Niematz

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