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Imaginary poem, 2000  
  Exchange poem, 2001  


Jan Klug, Poet of Epibreren, is probably the most mysterious poet around. Without there being any known poems by his hand, critics had already spotted them. Thus, in the De Groene Amsterdammer magazine of 1st March 2000 there was a statement saying Jan Klug's poems had been included in the anthology of the last poets of the 20th century: Sprong naar de sterren (Jump for the Stars). Perhaps they lie undetected in the imaginary realms of the blank second page of the book.

In the meantime, building on this imaginary success, he has transformed a washing machine manual into a concrete poem – imagine that! – and produced an 'exchange poem' (Wisselrijm), after Lasse Samström, which has provided further evidence he is indeed a poet.

By the way, Klug was born in Aachen (that's in Germany, just so you know) in 1971 and is of course better known as a musician and translator.

With The Poets from Epibreren he was the proud recipient of the Johnny van Doorn prize for the Spoken Word 2003, which was awarded them in Arnhem on 23rd November 2003.

Please browse www.google.com for more information about Klug.

It was no mean feat for our English translator to transform Klug's 'Imaginary Poem' into an English equivalent, as what may be imaginary in one language may become concrete in the other, but here goes:


©  Jan Klug, 2000


Whatever I'm looking for on this roof
It most certainly is not a horse's hoof

Jan Klug, 1 juni 2001


Jan Klug:
homepage: http://www.epibreren.com/klug


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