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Paul McCartney was born on a sunny 18th June 1942 in Liverpool. In 1957 he joined John Lennon's band The Quarry Men, and started writing songs with him. The Quarry Men gradually changed their name to The Beatles. The success of this band started in Hamburg in 1960. In 1961 The Beatles performed in Liverpool for the first time. With their second single 'Please please me' the band get their first no.1 in the British charts. In 1964 there followed the worldwide breakthrough of The Beatles, with gigs in France, Holland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. The Beatles exist till 1970, when the group members each embark on solo careers.

Paul McCartney brought out his solo debut album 'McCartney' that year. He starts 'Wings' (1971-1981), in which his wife Linda Eastman also played. Wings become an international success too. This culminates in 1979, when McCartney is awarded the 'Triple Superlative Award' by the Guinness Book of Records, for selling 100 million records and owning 60 golden records, gaining him the title of most successful pop composer of all time.

After Wings McCartney carried on regardless: He issues lots of records, acts in films, paints and devotes himself to poetry to boot. In 1997, after a ceremony at Buckingham Palace, he may call himself Sir Paul McCartney MBE. As he is still so alive and kicking this entire translation was done in the present tense.


Please browse for more information on Sir Paul and his very own site

His work has been excellently translated by Job Degenaar published in 2002


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