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Job Degenaar, born in the engulfed Dubbeldam on that chilly 1st November 1952, being the sickly child he was, there was of course no other alternative for him but to become a singer or poet. Poetry's his game now. Published six volumes in The Netherlands, the latest three with Thomas Rap, an imprint of De Bezige Bij, and one in Poland (University of Wroclaw Press). He also wrote an introduction to the Collected Poems of publisher/poet Thomas Rap, edited and issued the almost completed manuscript Kleurval (Colour Fall) of poet Pieter A. Kuyk (published with De Beuk), interviewed diplomat-poet Maarten Mourik for Vrij Nederland magazine and Epibreren and wrote short witty stories for Mens & Gevoelens, Margreet Dolman's magazine.

In 2002 he was one of the translators of Blackbird Singing, Paul McCartney, Gedichten en liedteksten 1965 - 1999, De Bezige Bij / Thomas Rap, Amsterdam.

He writes a poetry chronicle for the Zuid-Friesland newsletter, writes criticism, e.g. for the Houten Gong, publishes poetry in De Tweede Ronde, Tzum and De Moanne and holds lectures and poetry workshops. He also writes youth literature for 'Kanjers en klappers', a teaching method in Dutch secondary education, in the field of career counselling and training, which was published in August 2003 with LDC, the Dutch national centre for vocational guidance and courses.

In June 2003 his latest volume of poetry was published, entitled Huisbroei (Househeat; Thomas Rap). He also works as a teacher of Dutch, especially for those learning it as a second language.

Visit his own site at: or browse for more information about him.

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