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Stan Lafleur was born on 16th February 1968 in Karlsruhe and currently lives in Cologne. He took all manner of courses at the Universities of Düsseldorf and Cologne, without – as so many poets nowadays – graduating in anything. To support himself he had all manner of jobs as well, e.g. as an internet journalist.

In Düsseldorf (1992-1994) and in Cologne (1994-2000) he organised various literary events. He published the magazine 'elektropansen für Literatur und Kunst' (1994 – 1998). He also initiated the well-known Kölner Sprechecke (Cologne's Speaker's Corner), started in 1997 as a public forum for literature and lectures. The location is easily recognizable from the special monument in Cologne's Stadtgarten, by Michael Oster, sculptor affiliated to the Cologne Dombauhütte.

snapshot: Stan Lafleur in Sylt
© Tjitse Hofman, 2003

Lafleur won various Poetry Slams, was awarded Cologne's Rolf-Dieter Brinkmann-Stipend (2001) and the Literary Prize of the German state of North-Rhine-Westphalia in the poetry category (2002), comprising of 3000 euro. He reached Dutch national news with this prize, because he had to share it with Dutch poet Ilja Pfeijffer. Arnon Grunberg, also a Dutch author, received the prose category prize, and he didn't have to share it, so he got the full 6000 euro.

Together with Achim Wagner and Enno Stahl Lafleur initiated the 'Rheinischen Brigade' (August 2001), a novel "rheinisch-föderalistischen" literary collective, aiming to re-engage the author in the classic role of politico-social acting subject 'wiederzubeleben'.

Lafleur ended up in Epibreren after meeting the Poets of Epibreren on the German Wadden Sea island of Sylt, where they all performed at a literary festival in April 2003.

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