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Welcome, Visitor,

On my personal pages. I am a classic scholar and a beloved poet, writing in the Dutch language.

I was born on January the 17th 1968, in the slums of Rijswijk, a suburb of The Hague. I've written since then a fine collection of poetry, for which I am much applauded.

Now I live and work in Leiden, near Zoetermeer, in the Netherlands.

Sometimes people call me Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, which is untrue.

I despise all other Dutch poets, because what they write is so miserable that it constantly makes me puke.
How I attacked a few of them can be found here.

It's a scandal the blasted Swedes haven't given me the Nobel Price for Literature yet. But I'm quite confident I will get it very soon. At least, that's what the King of Scandinavia told me.

I've published two books of poetry, Van de vierkante man (1998) and Het glimmen van de welkwiek (2001).
My third poetry book, Dolores, and my second book of prose, Rupert, were published in 2002. All published by De Arbeiderspers Publishing Company. I deny all acquisations of plagiarism surrounding Rupert: I've merely copied T.S. Eliots The Waste Land as a kind of game.
My first book of prose, Philip and the others, is only available in German. My autobiography is about to be translated into English,

And this is my portrait, painted by my friend Vincent van Gogh, of whom you may have heard. Isn't it gorgeous?
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