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Arnold, Marius, Coenraad, Dominicus Jansen op de Haar was born on 24th September 1962 in Nijmegen. He wrote the novel De koning van Tuzla (The King of Tuzla; De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam, 1999) and the poetry volume Soldatenlaarzen (Soldier's boots; J.M. Meulenhoff, Amsterdam, 2002). The poem 'joegoslavisch requiem' from that volume was included in the anthology De 100 beste gedichten van 2002, edited by Gillis Dorleijn (De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam, 2003).

In 1986 he graduated from the Royal Military Academy in Breda. Overall, he spent thirteen years in the army. His last post was that of commander of a company of red berets, the A/Royal Company of the Guards regiment of Grenadiers. During his army days he studied English language and literature at the University of Utrecht.

In 1995 he exchanged his arms for a pen. First off, he wrote some articles about his experiences of war in former Yugoslavia for HP/De Tijd magazine, de Volkskrant, Het Parool and De Gelderlander, but it wasn’t long before he started publishing poems in literary magazines such as Maatstaf, Zoetermeer, Passionate, Nieuw Wereld Tijdschrift and Roodkoper.

His favourite quotation is by Wallace Stevens: 'The nobility of poetry lies in the violence from within protecting us from the violence without.'

Since 1999 he's written a weekly TV-column for De Gelderlander newspaper, entitled 'Breedbeeld' (Widescreen). By now, he has come to the decision never to write about the army again – he doesn't want to belong to anything anymore.

He is also hard at work writing his second novel and a long poem. In May 2003 he published 'Grote Gerrit' (Big Gerrit), an article about the Dutch Poet Laureate, Gerrit Komrij. Since 1987 he has lived in Arnhem, where he also works in a bookstore.

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Soldatenlaarzen, J.M. Meulenhoff, Amsterdam, 2002


De koning van Tuzla, De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam, 1999


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