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Maarten Das was born on 11 March 1980 in Amersfoort. It was quite cloudy that day, with intermittent bright spells. He is a student of Language and Culture Studies at the University of Utrecht. Earlier, he published some poems in Mens & Gevoelens (Margreet Dolman's magazine – Dolman is the Dutch Lily Savage), in the volume Onbekende beminden (Unknown Lovers) by Stichting De Opwenteling in Eindhoven, in electronic magazine De Poort, and in the Nijmegen poetry magazine Op Ruwe Planken. He is an editor of literary magazine Passionate.

Das won various audience awards at poetry slams, first prize in the 'Griffioenspelen' in 2002 (organised by the Open University of Amsterdam) in the category 'Poetry & Stories', first prize in the author’s contest of poetry collective Smaragd (Utrecht), second place in the Wintertuin Grand City Slam of 2003 (Nijmegen) and became winner of the 2002-2003 season of the Poëzieslag in Festina Lente (Amsterdam).

In 2003 he could be seen performing at e.g. Het Tuinfeest (Deventer), Lowlands, and the Uitmarkt (Amsterdam).

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Maarten Das:

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