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Hanz Mirck, living in Arnhem, was born on the sunny 8th April 1970 in Zutphen. He studied Dutch at the University of Utrecht. His dissertation about the resemblances between the texts in Bredero's Book of Hymns (Groot Lied-Boeck) and those of popular eighties band Doe Maar resulted in Dit is alles. De teksten van Doe Maar en andere stukken (Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2000).

After his studies he went into the comedic business for a while. He was manager and technician of a popular award-winning comedy duo Zus&Zo. After this he teamed up with comedian Bernhard Christiansen and so won various prizes himself.

For the Post Zutphen foundation he organises a poetry festival every year and also coordinates the events of the city council's literary foundation there. He is involved with the Ida Gerhardt Poetry Prize and is a member of various literary juries. Together with Margot Engelen he made the anthology Wat is natuur nog in dit land (What is still natural in this country).

His prose, poetry and columns often won him prizes; amongst other, he published in Pooster, Nedwerk, Het Ei, www.nulnul.nl, Parmentier, Vrij Nederland, and Mens & Gevoelens (magazine of Margreet Dolman, Holland's very one Dame Edna). In August 2002 he made his debut with the poetry volume Het geluk weet niets van mij (Happiness is ignorant of me; Vassallucci), which was recommended by Gerrit Komrij and Neeltje Maria Min for Komrij's Poetry Club. The book was nominated for the C. Buddingh' prize 2003.

Others about his work

'Self-irony points him in the right direction. This poetry begs to be performed. The great achievement of this poet, moreover, is that he undermines the preconception that performance poetry is always easy and obvious poetry.'

Liesbeth Eugelink, jury report SNS literary prize 2001

'Solid and meaningful'

Judith Eiselin, NRC Handelsblad, 6-4-1999

'Well impressed (…) That’s what poetry should be like: strange and new.'

Albertina Soepboer, poet

'Very nice, accessible, sweet, confusing, bizarre and witty.'

Paul Haenen, aka Margreet Dolman

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