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Ingmar Heytze is one of the few poets of the younger Utrecht generation who was actually born there, in the year 1970, we well remember the day.

Here is a snapshot of Ingmar Heytze, in his dune shack in Epibreren, straight after a visit to Martha's Short Back and Sides hair salon, where he had the classic Epibreren 'coupe poet' custom-fitted. © photo: Ingmar Heytze, 2002

Apart from being a poet, he was/is still the philosopher-in-residence at the Central Museum (1999/2000) in Utrecht, and a literary organizer and freelance journalist for various newspapers and magazines. In 2000, together with Vrouwkje Tuinman, he published Verdomd interessant maar gaat u verder (Damned Interesting, But Do Carry On; SDU, The Hague), a book about the language as uttered by Dutch artist/poet/comedian Wim T. Schippers. All his poetry books sell well, so this one will undoubtedly form no exception. All the way from Portugal Gerrit Komrij, poet and critic, wrote the following about him in NRC Handelsblad on 25th May 2000: "Ingmar Heytze is a cultural asset, writing with the ease of a natural."

In October 2001 Alle goeds (All The Best) appeared, a reprint of his three previous volumes in one collection, published by Podium at a reasonable price.

In November 2002 Heytze’s fifth book of poetry to date appeared, Het ging over rozen (A Bed of Roses), in a sensational issue of 130,000 copies, as a supplement of the Utrecht Nieuwsblad newspaper. The second imprint of this single-day sell-out was published by Podium.

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