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Homeward bound, 2002  


Serge van Duijnhoven
Serge van Duijnhoven (born 1970 in Oss, in the south of the Netherlands) is a performing poet, novelist and art-editor. He is the author of five poetry volumes: The Palace of Sleep (1993), Copycat (1996), End of the Line: Phantom City (1997), Obiit in Orbit; at the other end of the night (1998) and Blood test (2003).

All of these books are published in Dutch, by recognized publishing houses. In the last two books cd's are included. Since 1995 the author performs his poetry with electronic music and video-projections in his literary band 'Dichters Dansen Niet' (Poets Don't Dance), together with DJ Fat and VJ Gabriel Kousbroek.
Van Duijnhoven also wrote two books of prose: Poets don't dance (1995) and The Other Side & Happiness (1995), as well as a minibiography on the late emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie (1993), and a monologue for theatre Songs of Vranje (2000) that was published at TeleXpress and played throughout the Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe 2001 events at Las Palmas.

He was the winner of the Nova Makedonia Poetry Award at the Poetry Festival of Struga 1995, and the Initiator of MillenniuM; the periodical 'timebook' of the Art Group of the Lowlands. For the occasion of the Struga Poetry Evenings, Serge's poetry was translated into Macedonian by Suzana Dapcevka, and published by Detska Radost (Palatata da sonot, 1995).

In the fall of 1999 his latest book of non-fiction was published: We call them Roses, a collection of personal impressions gathered during five years of travelling through the Balkan region. The book reached the longlist of the 'Gouden Uil Literatuurprijs 2000' (Golden Owl Literature Price of Flanders).

In 1995, Serge lived for a while in Sarajevo. Before that, he lived in Oss and Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Luverne Minnesota (USA) and France. Currently he lives in Brussels, Belgium.

In the summer of 2000 he participated in the Literaturexpress; a train with about one hundred European writers on board, representing fourtythree European countries. The train was an initiative of the LiteraturWERKstatt Berlin: it crossed Europe from Lisbon via Madrid, Paris, Lille and Brussels, all the way to Kaliningrad, the Baltic states, Leningrad, Moscow, and then back through Minsk and Warshaw to the final stop: Berlin. Coming winter his novel Boulevard Oktoberrevolution will appear, a heavyweight novel of six hundred pages, set in an unspecified beleaguered city 'somewhere far away in Europe'.

Serge is working as a feelance reporter, especially on Balcan matters, for Dutch and Flemish media (De Nieuwe Revu, De Groene Amsterdammer, De Morgen, Express).

See to learn more about Mr Van Duijnhoven.

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The stranger here once was a child at his own home
On est tous des étrangers. Travellers coming round
Wandering through a space that everybody
has to confisquate. But where there's a will
there's a way. Stubborness is what drives us all.
and drives us crazy. To live fully from the land.
The soil in which the seeds are spreaded with the hand
The hair on our heads is as the cane on our roofs
Our cracked skin is as the eroded walls of our shags
Transparency is the scare of our bones. Our voice
cries at best for help. What we are seeking is: rest
Asilum in eternity. What we are is where we have been
falling: cerebral hunters and hunted prey
we are game in the woods. A hungry flock in nature's
hungry mouth. We are obedient and futile. Tiny particles
floating around. Our names have been assigned to us
and even the gift of life was not our choice
Every single good we own and everything we are
is borrowed, shareware, loans. Property
of Time alone; that vicious, greedy stockbroker
and billionaire. Who has no friends or relatives
not a single soul who does not pay
nobody can dwell freely on his ground
is here to stay. When evening comes
we pack our bags. We have to leave
sneak out like thieves. We cross the border
in the thick of night, like refugees
whispering prayers. Thinking of what was
what's yet to come. The memory of morning
roses, the light of the sun. Our exitpapers are called

© Serge van Duijnhoven, 2002


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