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Bart FM Droog, Dichter te Epibreren, is one of those poets born in Drenthe. On the cold wintry evening of 18th February 1966 he was dropped on a double bed in the Emmen suburb of Angelslo, in a bungalow at Woerd 22, where aside from his parents six brothers and sisters had already found their lodgings. He unfinished secondary school in Emmen and in 1983 he meandered to Groningen via Berlin, where he held positions as, amongst others: canvasser, barkeep, chauffeur, pub manager, industrial cleaner, panel beater, shipyard worker, scaffolder and civil servant.

On 31st January 2002 he was appointed by Mayor and Aldermen of the city of Groningen as the First City Poet of Groningen for the term of two years.

Since 15th October 1981 he has been performing his poetry, first primarily supporting bands (such as the illustrious punk formation Vacuüm and Jammah Tammah), and since 1994 mainly with The Poets from Epibreren.

With The Poets from Epibreren he was the proud recipient of the Johnny van Doorn prize for the Spoken Word 2003, which was awarded them in Arnhem on 23rd November 2003.

Bart FM Droog is named thus as he was christened as Bartelomeus Frederik Maria Droog. There are at least four others by that name traipsing around the world: in Heerenveen there's the field hockey playing second cousin Bart Droog, there's a Bart Droog in Wieringermeer who can be found regularly at a shooting range, in Naaldwijk there's a sportsmanlike young Bart Droog and then there's the Belgian Bart Droog coaching the women's basketball team De Duffelse Dames, near Malines.

He was a 'special guest'during Wintertuinfestival 2002, where, amongst others, he performed these new poems.

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