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Poet albrecht b doemlicht was born on the wintry 8th February 1975 in Bruges (B). On 22 February 1975 he was baptised in Christ's name in the parish of St. Andries and St. Elooi. On 12th May 1981 he solemnly swore in the church of St. Thomas to love God forever. On 6th June 1987 he renewed these vows, from his own free will, in the church of St. Lutgardis and St. Rita. On 2nd July 1989 he revoked his pledge.

Subsequently doemlicht announces himself an artist on 17th October 1991, and then on 28th May 1991 declares himself god. On 29th February 1992 he repeats this declamation in the open for the first time.

18th November 1995 sees the opening of the controversial exhibition: 'Dat hebt ge niet van mij' (You didn't hear me say that), in Antwerp. Shortly thereafter, on 14th February 1996 he holds the poetry performance 'Oviduct', in Ghent. On 10th May 1996 doemlicht ceremonially pledges allegiance to Het Venijnig Gebroed (The Venomous Rabble), consisting also of Frederik Lucien de Laere, Denis S.M. Vercruysse and Jan Wijffels. This Flemish troupe uses Bruges as a base of operations.

Poems of theirs were included in the anthology Vanuit de Lucht (Out of the Air; Passage, 2001).

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