As The Netherlands were invaded by Germany, 10 May 1940, Commonwealth, Belgian and French forces came to help.

On these pages the names of those who lost their lives during that battle, which was one of the opening phases of The Battle of France, can be found.

- Air Force
- Army

- Army
- Air Force

United Kingdom
British Army losses in the Netherlands, 10-15 May 1940
Royal Navy
Royal Air Force losses (across the world, 10 May - 30 June 1940)

All CWGC cemeteries in the Netherlands
All CWGC cemeteries in Germany

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These pages are dedicated to the men and women who died and/or are buried in The Netherlands during World War II.

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      Traces of World War 2 
            Allied losses in The Netherlands
            10 May 1940 - 30 June 1940

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