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Albert Hagenaars (Bergen op Zoom, 7-4-1955) initially worked as a visual artist and gallery owner. In 1980 he opted for literature. He studied Dutch and French, lived in France for a lengthy period and currently is employed as a literature and art critic at the Haagsche Courant, the National Library Service and literary magazine De Houten Gong.

He has done a lot of travelling, e.g. to the United States, South America and especially the Far East. Alongside his most prevalent issue, all facets of love, travelling, intercultural relations and alienation play important roles in his work.

His work has been published in many magazines and anthologies such as Raster, De Tweede Ronde, Literair Akkoord, New Found Land, Maatstaf, Vlaanderen, Gierik/NVT and De Nederlandse Poëzie van de 19e en 20e eeuw in Duizend en Enige Gedichten.

The poetry of his volume Linguisticum was set to music by Jan Walraven, in ten compositions for piano and organ. This music has been performed in various countries. Also, Anne-Louise Beeren crafted a choreography, which is performed regularly by dancer Madeleine Benjert to the music of Walraven.

Thanks to the organisation Double You in Luxemburg this project was enacted a number of times during Luxemburg Cultural Capital 1996.

Albert Hagenaars is currently working on De poëtische atlas der Nederlanden (The poetic atlas of The Netherlands), an already legendary poetry anthology about all Dutch and Flemish municipalities, which is set to appear with Atlas publishers in Amsterdam. He is also busy writing his new book of short stories: Kraakbeen (Cartilage).

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