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Sieger M. Geertsma, whose middle M stands for Metze, was born on the slightly boring day of 8th December 1979. Which, however, didn't stop him from immersing himself in the world of poetry. In 1999 he published the vanity press De tonen van replica (Replica tones) and in 2000 he won the competition 'Mijn wereld in 2040' (my world in 2040), organised by Millennium Platform and Dutch Minister of Metropolitan Policies Roger Boxtel and followed by a television appearance on 'Hallo 2000' (NOS, Dutch public channel). Geertsma has performed at youth penitentiaries, pubs and theatres, at poetry and rock festivals. He also organises workshops and courses in graffiti, poetry and rap and often collaborates with rappers, hip-hop artists and break dancers. He recently graduated from the Groningen art college Minerva.

His poetry has been included in the anthology Vanuit de Lucht (Out of the Air; Passage, 2001). At Poetry International in Rotterdam in 2002, he was the Dutch participant in the international Poetry Slam. In November 2002 his official debut Straatvluchter (Street Dodger) was published with Passage, subsequently nominated for the C. Buddingh' Prize 2003.

Until recently he formed the multimedia group Gewassen (with Tsead Bruinja, Alan D. Joseph, Michiel Rasker ans Raoul Thepen), which performed a mix of poetry, rap, music and projected animations. They took to the stage at the Noorderzon festival 2001 and the Literary Festival De Wintertuin 2001. This collective was awarded the Hendrik de Vries stipend 2002.


Sieger M. Geertsma (right) and Michiel Rasker in the entrance hall 'club for international popunderground' Vera, Groningen, Feb. 2002.
© Bart FM Droog, 2002

In the extensive anthology Dutch Poetry of the 19th, 20th and 21st Century in over 2000 poems (Bert Bakker, Amsterdam, 2004) editor Gerrit Komrij has included one of his poems.

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