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Kester Freriks (Jakarta, 24th October 1954) made his debut in 1979 with the book of short stories Grand Hotel Lembang. In 1981 his novel Hölderlins toren (Hölderlins Tower) was published, which later received the Van Der Hoogt prize.

He has also published the novels Domino (1988), In zilveren harnas (In Silver Harness; 1993), Ogenzwart (Eyeblack; 1997) en Koningswens (King's wish; 2001). In 2000 his extensive writer's biography Geheim Indië. Het leven van Maria Dermoût 1888-1962 (Secret East Indies. The Life of Maria Dermoût) appeared. He also wrote some plays and the poetry volume Lippenrood (Lipstick red). Since 1981 he has been an editorial member of the art board of newspaper NRC Handelsblad and writes on the subjects of literature and theatre.

Poets who influenced his work are Friedrich Hölderlin, whose poems and letters he translated, Lucebert, Hugues C. Pernath, H. Marsman, J. Slauerhoff, Rainer Maria Rilke and Georg Trakl. His work is published by J.M. Meulenhoff. He is currently working on a new novel.

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