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Liesbeth van Dalsum: 'Dear Amari Hamadene, because of the allegations against you, such as partaking wide scale plagiarism and publishing poems without permission from the authors on your website, I would like to ask you some questions for the Dutch poetry daily Rottend Staal Online.'
Amari Hamade: '...'

Van Dalsum: 'You defended yourself by stating that someone has stolen your identity to discredit you. Can you explain why anyone would do so? One of my collegue editors has spoken with many poets, critics and journalists from the Arab World and nobody seems to know you. So: why discredit somebody who has no credits?
Hamadene: '...'

Van Dalsum: 'On I found a list of poems your imposter has plagiarized. What's your comment on that?'
Hamadene: '...'

Van Dalsum: 'Why do you publish poems without permission from the authors of these poems on Don't you know that by doing so you're violating international laws concerning copyrights?
Hamadene: '...'

Van Dalsum: 'Can you send me a picture of yourself (as jpg-file), with the permission from the photographer and his name, to publish it with this interview?'
Hamadene: '...'

(Rottend Staal Online, 23-9-2004)


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