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FAA - No. 800 Squadron
10/05/1940 - 30/06/1940

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800 SQUADRON - Bomber, Blackburn Skua and Roc
Fleet Air Arm

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At the beginning of the war, 800 was flying Skua and a few Rocs from HMS Ark Royal. Fighter patrols were carried out off Norway and submarine patrols in the NW approaches.

During the German invasion of Norway in 1940, whilst based at Hatston, 800 and 803 Squadrons dive-bombed the German cruiser Königsberg at Bergen. Squadron aircraft shot down six He111s. The 800 Squadron CO, Capt RT Partridge, RM was taken POW and four aircraft lost on an attack on the Scharnhorst. In July 1940, the squadron was involved in the attack on the French Fleet at Oran.

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Operations and losses 10/05/1940 - 30/06/1940 (incomplete)
Not all operations listed; those with losses are.

13/05/1940: Reconnaissance, Norway. 2 Planes lost
13/06/1940: Scharnhorst, Norway. 4 planes lost, 3 KIA, 2 MIA, 3 POW

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13/05/1940: Reconnaissance, Norway

Type: Blackburn Skua
Serial number: ?, ?
Operation: Reconnaissance, Norway
Lost: 13/05/1940
Petty Officer L.E. Burston - safe
Naval Airman G.W. Halifax - safe
Following a reconnaisance, when the weather was too bad to land on the Ark Royal, this Skua forced landed south of Harstad in the sea. The crew were picked up by destroyer HMS Brazen.

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Type: Blackburn Skua
Serial number: ?, ?
Operation: Reconnaissance, Norway
Lost: 13/05/1940
Lt J.A. Rooper - safe
Petty Officer W. Crawford - safe
Force landed at Sandsoy, north of Harstad.

Source: British and Other Navies in World War 2 Day-by-Day

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13/06/1940: Scharnhorst

The aircraft carrier Ark Royal escorted convoys from Narvik, its Skuas shooting down a Heinkel 111 and damaging another two on the night of 9th June (the northerly latitudes meant it never got dark).

The presence of the damaged battlecruiser Scharnhorst in Trondheim harbour was a tempting target and it attracted the attention of the RAF. On the 11th of June a force of twelve Hudson bombers attacked at medium altitude, but not a single hit was achieved.

A plan was devised to attack the Scharnhorst. Fifteen Skuas would be launched from Ark Royal in the middle of the night (although it would still be light, Trondheim being close to the Arctic Circle). An attack by RAF Beauforts on the main German aerodrome at Vaernes was planned to disrupt any German fighter response and support was to be given by long range Bleinheim fighters.

The Ark Royal and escorts arrived off the coast of Norway but the strike had to be postponed due to bad weather, the Ark was spotted by German reconnaissance but the weather prevented the Germans taking any action against her, but the defences of Trondheim were put on alert.

The raid was launched on the night of 12th/13th of June. Six Skuas from 800 Squadron and nine from 803 Squadron flew off the carrier at around midnight. They crossed the coast at 01.23 hrs, still 20 minutes from their target.

The RAF attack on Vaernes had the opposite effect to that intended, swarms of Luftwaffe aircraft took off in response to it and were in exactly the right position to attack the incoming Skuas. The Skuas split into two formations and 800 squadron attacked the Scharnhorst stern to bow while 803 squadron ran in from the other direction, bow to stern. Two hits were claimed, but German records admit to only one, and that did not explode.

The Skuas crews fought for their lives through the flak from the Scharnhorst and the other German naval vessels in harbour, and from the Messerschmitt 109 and 110 fighters that swarmed around them. Eight of the Fifteen Skuas were shot down, including the commanders of both 800 and 803 squadron (Lt Cdr Casson and Capt R.T. Partridge). The survivors only got away by flying low in the early morning mist, claiming a single Messerschmitt 110 damaged. The RAF Blenheims turned up only after the attack was over.
Source: Skuas over Norway

Type: Blackburn Skua
Serial number: L3000, 6F
Operation: Scharnhorst
Lost: 13/06/1940
Lieutenant George E.D. Finch-Noyes, RN, F.A.A. 800 Sqdn. H.M.S. Ark Royal, DSC, Mentioned in Despatches, age 26, 13/06/1940, Trondheim (Stavne) Cemetery
Petty Officer Airman Howard G. Cunningham, POW
Skua L3000, 6F crashed and exploded in the back yard of Schøningdal farm. The house was also hit by the propeller and undercarriage. The pilot Lt. George Edward Desmond Finch-Noyes went down with the plane. The navigator, Howard G. Cunningham managed to bail out and landed in Bymarka, but was soon after captured by the Germans and became POW. Photos crash site.

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Type: Blackburn Skua
Serial number: L3028, 6G
Operation: Scharnhorst
Lost: 13/06/1940
Petty Officer Airman Wallace Crawford, RN FX/76537, H.M.S. Ark Royal, 800 Sqdn. F.A.A., age 26, 13/06/1940, Stadsbygd Churchyard, Norway
Midshipman (A) Leonard H. Gallagher, RN, H.M.S. Ark Royal, 800 Sqdn. F.A.A., DSC, Mentioned in Despatches, age 19, 13/06/1940, Stadsbygd Churchyard, Norway
6G . Photos crash site and graves

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Type: Blackburn Skua
Serial number: L2995, 6A
Operation: Scharnhorst
Lost: 13/06/1940
Lieutenant Robert S. Bostock, RN, 800 Sqdn. H.M.S. Ark Royal, Mentioned in Despatches, age 29, 13/06/1940, missing
Capt Richard T. Partridge, RM, PoW
Fuel tank blew up, shot down by Bf109s of II/JG77, Fosen, Trondheim. Crashed at Stallvika in Bjugn. Lt Bostock was killed. Cpt Patridge bailed out and was picked up by a Norwegian fishing boat, badly burned but alive. He spent the next five years as a POW in company with Guy Griffiths and Wings Day. See WW2 Allied Airwrecks Norway

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Type: Blackburn Skua
Serial number: L3047, 6H
Operation: Scharnhorst
Lost: 13/06/1940
Leading Airman (Telegraphist/Air gunner) William J. Tremeer, RN FX/77400, 800 Sqdn. H.M.S. Ark Royal, age 25, 13/06/1940, missing
Midshipman (Pilot) DerekT.R. Martin, PoW
Their aircraft was shot down after a dive bombing attack on German battleship Scharnhorst. Crashed in Trondheim harbour / ditched outside Høvringen, Trondheim. See WW2 Allied Airwrecks Norway

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