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01/01/1940 - 30/06/1940

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Bomber - Handley Page Hampden

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In the spring of 1938 No.7 received its first modern monoplanes, the Whitley I. These were replaced by Whitley IIIs in late 1938, but during April/May, 1939, the squadron was re-armed yet again - this time with Handley Page Hampdens.

When the Second World War broke out the squadron was at Doncaster and engaged in training crews to operational standard for No.5 Group. It moved back to Finningley and then to Upper Heyford (No.6 Training Group) during the third and fourth weeks of September 1939, and in April, 1940, lost its identity when it was absorbed into No.16 OTU. It re-formed at Finningley at the end of April - again as a Hampden bomber squadron - but was disbanded three weeks later.

Re-formed again in August 1940, at Leeming, No.7 became the first squadron in Bomber Command to have four-engined bombers, and by early 1941 had moved to Oakington and was ready to begin operations with its new Short Stirlings. On the night of 10/11th February 1941, No.7 made its first bombing attack with the Stirlings - on oil storage tanks at Rotterdam - and just over two months later paid its first visit to Berlin. Among other early targets were Brest, Rotterdam, Emden (this was the target when the squadron made its first daylight raid, on 28th April), Hamburg and Mannheim. In 1942 minelaying was added to the squadron's duties and in May and June its Stirlings took part in the 1,000-bomber raids on Cologne, Essen and Bremen. Later that year it was one of the five squadrons selected to form the nucleus of the Pathfinder Force.

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Losses 01/01/1940 - 30/06/1940

01/01/1940: Training, UK. 1 a/c lost, 3 KIA, 1 WIA

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01/01/1940: Training, UK

Hampden I
Serial number: P1260, MG-?
Operation: daytime cross country navigation exercise
Lost: 01/01/1940
Pilot Officer (Pilot) Horace M. MacGregor, RAF 41855, 7 Sqdn., age 19, 01/01/1940, Harrow (Pinner) New Cemetery, UK
Sergeant [Navigator] Robert J. Bailey, RAF 581258, 7 Sqdn., age 19, 01/01/1940, Boldon (Whitburn) Cemetery, UK
Sergeant (W.Op.) Thomas O. Dennis, RAF 518112, 7 Sqdn., age 28, 01/01/1940, Birkenhead (Flaybrick Hill) Cemetery, UK
Corporal (W.Op./Air Gunner) Ted Brightmore - injured.
From: Peak District Air Crashes and BBC's WW2 Peoples War: 'The crew of P1260 were on a daytime cross country navigation exercise from RAF Upper Heyford, they flew to Blackpool and then out over the Irish Sea. The weather over the sea was poor and the crew became lost in low cloud and snow. Corporal Brightmore was in the process of winding out the trailing aerial so the crew could make contact with an RAF station to get a fix on their location when the aircraft ploughed into Snaefell and burst into flames.'

"I remember a terrific thump and tearing sound, being drenched in petrol, a big explosion, rolling into some snow which must have put on my personal fire and saved my life."
- Cpl. Ted Brightmore (in a 1990 letter to Harry Jacobson)

'Corporal Brightmore was flung from the wreck as it broke up but received fairly serious burns, he staggered do the hill eventually reaching a cottage in Sulby Glen. He was treated in Ramsey for three months before being transferred back to Upper Heyford where he was placed on non-flying duties.'

See Hampden Mk.I P1260 for pictures of the crash site circa anno 2000

Sources: CWGC and Peak District Air Accident Research

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