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Jos Jägers was born on 8th September, one of 1957's Sundays, at three o'clock in the morning, under a sky filled with thunderbolts and lightning, in a dinky little apartment in Hilversum. And he's still alive. In the meantime, he published, together with Harry den Hertog, under the pseudonym HAJO, the poetry volumes Opium voor Eenlingen (Opium For Singles) and Tango, Tango, Op naar de Zon! (… All the Way to The Sun). Recently his solo volume Behalve de Lucht (Except for the Air) appeared and the CD he recorded with jazz guitarist Gijs van Dijk, entitled Gedichten & Gitaar (Poetry and Guitar). He lives with his wife Ingrid and three children in a constantly redecorated house in Hoorn and since 1988 has worked as an editor and later as editor-in-chief at 'Nieuwe Revu' magazine, after having been a psychiatric care worker for ten years.

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